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Heart-led End of Life Care at Princess Christian Care Home

Complete care

Our care services at Princess Christian Care Home include residential care, general nursing, complex care, caring for those with dementia and palliative care. Our expert teams use a whole-Home approach to care for our residents, each with their own unique set of needs.

It is one of life’s greatest privileges to be able to take care of people at the end of their journey. Preserving a person’s dignity is the last human kindness you can offer, and we pride ourselves in honouring the very unique needs and preferences of each person, while supporting their family too.

Empathy and kindness

When a loved one nears the end of their life, our Carers, Senior Carers and Nurses are adept at providing the utmost in honesty and support to all our residents and family members, adopting a non-clinical approach wherever possible.

Empathy and kindness are the bedrock of our care philosophy and we strive to create a compassionate environment that flows naturally. We understand that this stage of life can be emotionally challenging for everyone involved. That’s why our entire team works collaboratively to ensure that each individual receives the care they deserve.

We believe in going beyond the surface-level clinical routines and focusing on building genuine connections with our residents. Through empathy, we step into the shoes of our residents, allowing us to provide the support they need, both physically and emotionally. Our team offers a comforting presence and a compassionate ear, with open communication, allowing residents and their families to express their concerns and wishes freely.

With our open arms and supportive approach, we strive to ensure that families feel heard, understood, and included every step of the way. We provide guidance, answer questions, and offer a safe space for sharing emotions.

Protecting dignity

Lead by our dedicated End of Life Champion, Senior Carer Michelle, our team members care for our cherished residents with the utmost compassion. Their thoughtfulness extends beyond the norm, as they genuinely demonstrate acts of kindness and uphold the dignity of each individual under their care, ensuring their well-being at all times.

Michelle is a compassionate and empathetic guide who tackles the sensitive issue of dying with utmost care. With her extensive experience, she creates a safe space for families, allowing them to find solace in her candid approach. By opening up about the process, Michelle offers a deep sense of tranquility that brings peace of mind to those who seek comfort with dignity during this challenging time.

Family feedback

We take immense pride in creating an environment where families feel reassured and confident in the care their cherished ones receive. With compassion and expertise, we strive to exceed expectations, ensuring both residents and their families feel nurtured. Our dedication is reflected in the heartfelt gratitude we receive from our residents’ loved ones:

The thanks we receive from family members is a testament to the level of support we offer throughout a resident’s journey:

“Thank you so much for all the love and care shown to my husband during his short stay with you. He told me he was very happy here.”

“Thank you for all the support and care you gave mum in her final days, as well as the family. It helped more than I could have imagined. You are beyond amazing.”

“My sincere thanks to you on behalf of the family for your kindness and guidance. I know you understood we all found dad’s passing very difficult and having you there by our side made such a difference to us all. Please continue to do this for future families; you are a true gem. We will never forget your words of comfort. Dad knew he was in safe hands with you.”

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Thoughtful gestures

Toward the end of a person’s life, while they may be less able to communicate, our team members instinctively know what they need. From physical care including the best way to position a resident as they lay in their bed, balancing pain management and any medication, to small gestures like special mouth and lip care with special individualised pots of vaseline.

We understand how important it is to stay close to a loved one in their final moments and we provide a special guest bed and place to sleep for this purpose. As a symbol for passers by and team members to be respectful and quiet, we also place special butterflies on the outside of a resident’s door.

Our residents and their families are never left alone and our loving team members will talk to and soothe those in their care with gentle massage and comforting touch. ‘An earth angel’, Michelle is a passionate advocate for our residents at the end of their life; she offers very thoughtful gifts of forget-me-not seeds, crystals and poems to our families too, and she frequently comes in on her days off because she cares from the heart.

Heart-led care

Our heart-led care and deep empathy form the foundation of our commitment to providing exceptional end-of-life care services at Princess Christian. We believe that every individual deserves to be treated with the utmost dignity, compassion, and respect during this crucial stage of their journey. By fostering a culture of trust among the people we support, we create an environment where families take great comfort in our confidence as a specialist provider.

Get in touch

For information on all our care services, please contact our team at Princess Christian who will be happy to discuss your individual needs. Call 01483 488 917 or book a visit to the Home at your convenience.

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