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Princess Christian Care Home Chef Assistant Eduard completes Manchester Marathon

We are thrilled to report that our Princess Christian Care Home Chef Assistant Eduard completed the Manchester Marathon on Sunday 14 April in an impressive time of 4 hours and 44 minutes!

With the support of his family, friends and colleagues at Nellsar, he was encouraged in his preparations for this gruelling challenge and has truly been inspiring with his commitment to completing it, with months of dedicated training and nutritional planning.

Our Head Chef Cosmin commented: “Eduard is a very ambitious guy; his dedication and hard work are inspiring, and I wish him all the luck in the world. Eduard’s passion for running, gym and work is a testament to his strength and perseverance, and I am proud of him for chasing his dreams.”

Eduard was keen to take on a difficult challenge to push himself:

“I started to run marathons for the sole reason of challenging myself; there will always be a new goal, either a longer distance or a faster time. Setting and achieving goals keeps me motivated and focused on getting better.

With regards to my training, my Manchester Marathon training block was decent considering the winter weather, and my diet was on-point. I completed the first half in 1:58, which was great, but in the second half my legs gave up and I finished that in 2:46. Manchester was my second-ever marathon, and I achieved a time of 4:44; despite not reaching a new personal best, I will strive to beat that on my next run!

I am really grateful for the support of my friends and family in my running endeavours, and to Nellsar who sponsored my running gear!

In my opinion, when running a long distance like a marathon, you’re relying on physical strength and fitness until mile 20; after that, it purely depends on how much you want it, as to how long you can keep going. For my next marathon training, I will add more long runs and a speed session once a week, running around 80 miles per month.

My honest advice for any new runners is to start slow and gradually increase your monthly mileage. Take it easy because pushing too hard too soon may result in an injury that can hold you back. If you are running a marathon soon, focus only on completing it and don’t worry about how long it might take. Completing a marathon is not an easy task and you should be proud of crossing the finish line.”

Huge congratulations Eduard – we’re all very proud of this fantastic achievement, which is so well deserved after all your hard work.